The super air-tight Greenhouse box is a smell-proof, humidity-controlled environment that maintains accurate relative humidity and keeps your stash fresh and flavorful.

Each greenhouse box will keep the product of choice at a constant Relative Humidity(RH) using Boveda/Integra Boost patented technology. These products are made to sustain aging and ensure proper storage for your premium products.

Herb should be typically stored at 55-62%. Premium cigar storage is typically from 60-73%(RH).

Studies show higher levels of terpene and cannabinoid levels are present when a balanced moisture level is achieved. This environment also maintains flavor and scent, resulting in a more pleasurable smoking experience.

Tobacco should be kept at a relative humidity which just keeps the leaves pliable without swelling them. Since that pliability is based on the interaction of the cellular membranes with the air surrounding them, relative humidity, not absolute moisture content is what’s important. This isn’t chemistry, it’s mechanics – on a cellular level.

Ideally, the correct point is 70-73% regardless of temperature. At 70% relative humidity (a measure which by definition is independent of temperature) cigar leaves become pliable without swelling. at 75% or higher, the cells begin to swell. at 68% or lower, they can become brittle. These points are regardless of the ambient temperature or the absolute moisture content.

PRO TIP: Did you know you can revive your dried out/flavorless cannabis? Thats right, a constant relative humidity(RH) of 55%-62% coupled with the air tight seal of the GreenHouse Box, you can restore the original properties to those dried out, crusty buds in no time.